Kuoppala Grand Kids

Friday, June 23, 2006


Hey guys!!! I come on here and then just leave because there is no new stuff so I kinda felt bad!! :) hehe! I hope all of you are doing well! I cannot believe that we leave on thurday morning!! SCARY!! comming soooo fast! But I have to say that I am extremly excited to see all of you wonderful cousins of mine! :) well here is a picture that was taking on our way home from Lake Powel! It isn't the BEST picture but yeah....lol! anywho! I have to get going...I will see all you guys when I get to Minnesota!! :) Love you all a lot!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Right now i m sitting here very grumpy :( i m baby sitting because my mom is at work frid, saturday, sunday (3- 11:30 or 12) UGH not only that but my dad is @ father sons camp this weekend and there is NOTHING to do :( i get to clean 4 Denise's graduation party which is on tuesday and Brian, Steven, & John r gone so there jobs get left for me! susan is the only other girl here and she keeps telling me, "Uh well i don't have to do everyones job geez!" oh well it ssaturday i can live through tonight and tom. Denise and Michelle go to stoney to work in the kitchen so i have to be by myself tonight. Denise graduated on thursday and our whole family was able to be there, (2 down, 9 to go)