Kuoppala Grand Kids

Monday, July 31, 2006


wow! i haven't been in for awhile! hmm... how is everyone? good? hopefully! really bored! yay! they have red [it's my favorite color!!] **sorry, im a little hyper right now!** well, I AM IN 10TH GRADE... YAY! okay! ya, do you guys have msn? sorry i did not want you to put ur email adderess.. mmmmhmmm! okay, im gonna get offline... so i'll talk atcha all later!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


i thought i would add some fun and color in he he, i am so happy that i got to go up north fri. - sun. i had quite a lot of fun. A HUGE Thankyou to Anita & Jari, and ALL of the Iron rangers for making mines and pines weekend a fun one :) we should stay in touch on the blog more, if anyone knows how please post more pics. i love looking at them:) how has everyones summers been so far??? i only have just over a month left of mine:( i wish summer could last FOREVER well i would like to here from all of you!!