Kuoppala Grand Kids

Friday, September 22, 2006

*Debbie* :)

i don't no if you guys go on the inlaws blog but these pics were SOOO cute i had to put them on he is SUCH a CUTIE :)

hope evry one is having a good time we should have a family reunion it feels like the whole family hasn't been together in a LONG time i can hardly remember the last time all of us cousind were together at one time. thats what happens when families live so far apart.
have a good day everyone :) i will try post a more pics.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Hey! I miss all of you a lot! I have noticed that not many people come on but anna! lol! Just wanted 2 pop in and say hello!! I hope school is going all good for you guys!! Well I have a lot of tests I should study for AGAIN! what a pain in the butt!! I will get back at all you guys later and get some live into this blog! Maybe some pictures of something! :)


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

**anna marjanen**

hey hey what is goin on?? where is every one?? post please?? get more postin on here.. lol here is a picture of me and my family!! had such fun at the lake a couple weeks ago!!
anna marjanen


how is school?? it is great for me!! i love it!! it is so so so so so easy!! i am now in 6th grade!! wow! it has gone by fast.. i still wish i was in kindergarden!! they are so cute!! well well how is school for you??
anna marjanen